Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'm Back

Preparing for Quilt Market is always such a hectic time, but once I am there and the booth is set up it is time to just enjoy the experience......

Well, almost time....first there is time spent in the hotel room packaging kits for sample spree. My sweet mom sewed all the pinwheels for theSample Spree  Slice of Style pin cushion kits.  If you have never had the pleasure of experiecing sample spree, just picture Walmart at 5am the day after Thanksgiving. 
Slice of Style pin cushion
My seasonal pin cushions have been so popular but I wanted to do one that could be sit in my sewing studio all year long.  That was the inspiration for Slice of Style. Embroidered dress forms and cheery fabrics would surely brighten your creative space as well.
Deck The Walls
The inspiration for the color pallet of Deck The Walls is Dr. Seuss' Whooville.  I love the lime greens, cheery reds, pinks and turquoise.  It was so fun to create that I also sewed a more traditional version.

Candy Bar Pinwheels
Have you seen the wonderful Moda Candy Bars?   Similar to a Charm pack they are a cute stack of 2 1/2" x 5" prints from Moda fabric lines.  I used one to create my Blissful Birds (shown in an early post) and then used the City Weekend candy bar to create Candy Bar Pinwheels.  One candy bar, a little bit of orange and a little bit of white and wahla' you're done!

In My Pretty Garden

Last but not least is my newest applique quilt In My Pretty Garden.  This design was inspired by a song my mother sang to me as a child, and in turn I sang to my darling Kaylee when she was small.  Do you know the song? 

My quilting companion Holly (my sister on the right) and I
 Well, that is enough for now, I am heading back to the sewing machine. Nothing makes me want to sew more than a trip through Quilt market. 

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  1. Sweet little pincushion and I also have enjoyed your other inspiration projects in your past posts! Thanks so much! I love your style:)