Saturday, August 14, 2010

September Release

Checking my blog you would think I had nothing in the works for the past month. Not so.... September's new product release just shipped out to stores this past week.

Of course we always think of back to school........
and apples..... So, I got that out of my system and decided I wanted something different for my small pillow release
And I decided to focus on GIRLFRIENDS! I have a group of girlfriends I coud not survive without. The 2nd Friday of each month is set aside for GIRLS NIGHT OUT and it is filled with FUN and LAUGHTER. We have to select a restaurant that won't kick us out, as our meal usually drags on to last 3 or more hours. I am known return home at the end of the night with such terrible heartburn from laughing so much. Good Times!

In addition to my regular monthly release I added two new Halloween designs. After all, you can never have too much Halloween decorations, right.

Now on to quilting. I completed two new quilts that I cannot wait to get back from the quilter! Oh the anticipation......waiting for the call from Chelsea, telling me the quilting is finished, is like a child waiting for Christmas morning.

This is just a little teaser.....I can't wait to show the complete finished product. They are just what I love, FUNKY, FUN AND FAST!!!